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Dana Skwirut is a children's librarian living in New Jersey. She has been working in public libraries since 2013 and had interned in two special libraries and a literary startup since 2010. Before working in libraries, she worked in various retail stores, a dry cleaners, and a roofing company, nearly perfecting her customer service and register tape changing skills along the way. She has been featured in the Children’s Book Review and as an American Library Association New Member Roundtable Member of the Week. Her tweet was once featured in School Library Journal

Professional interests include programming that encourages creative freedom, information and technology literacy for children and teens, usability of both online sources and library spaces, trends in social media and juvenile literature, throwing awesome New Year's Eve parties, and figuring out how to play “Zoom Zoom Zoom” on the ukulele.

Personal interests include road trips, emojis, petting dogs, being outside, yoga, glitter, and experimenting in gluten free baking.


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